A tattoo artist is only as good as his reputation. Here are some of the nice things people have said about me over the years.


I have had at least five sessions with Trevor over the past 3 years, and he has gone above and beyond of what I have expected out of my tattoos. He made my tattoos original, and absolutely gorgeous, which in turn has made me feel amazing about my body. He has also done amazing tattoos for my husband, sister, and best friend, all of which were done in totally different styles. He is a very professional and lovely person, and I hope to be working with him for many years to come!

Samantha Goldsmith


I had my first tattoo done by Trevor in March 2019 and have had 7 more done to date. I keep returning, not only because I think he's a great artist, but because always been great at conceptualizing my ideas and turning them into great tattoos. Always a pleasure and always good vibes!

Steve K.


Trevor is amazing! Back in late August of 2019, I started my research on where to get my first tattoo. My hairdresser told me she got all of her tattoos at Red9 on Danforth and Woodbine, so I looked into it. After reading up on them, they seemed like a perfect fit. I walked in, expecting to go over what I wanted and to schedule an appointment, but Trevor was available for walk-ins then. I was terrified, but Trevor made my first tattoo experience a great one! 11 tattoos later, and every session with Trevor starts off with a smile and ends with a pleasant conversation. I look forward to continuing my tattoo journey with him!



I just wanted to say that you are hands down one of my favourite humans. Thank you so much for doing this beautiful piece for me yesterday and thank you for giving me an extremely fair price. I am forever grateful to you 🙏🏼 Also, I didn’t know you before the start of your journey but talking to you yesterday and seeing how much someone can try to shift their life in a positive direction inspired me. Not only do I love my tattoo but having it done by you was a truly amazing experience, it makes me appreciate my tattoo even more. I won’t forget this experience and I will definitely be back. Keep going down this amazing path and being the best version of yourself! People like you are a very rare breed. Have an amazing day and thank you again for making me so happy in a bit of a dark time in my life, I really appreciate you!!

Sophia N.


Just wanted to support an amazing tattoo artist that is skilled with an amazing personality too. You did my thigh tattoo over 5 years ago and my second one most recent, both are phenomenal and I get complimented everywhere I go . Keep rockin!



Trevor has done phenomenal work on me and my friends. From old school black and white, to watercolour, to my awesome cross hatch shoulder piece, the work is always great. The tattoos heal well and he is always available for any follow up questions. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a quality tattoo.

Dillon Goldsmith


Trevor is an amazing artist and very professional. He is honest about his work and timeline, which is something I really appreciate in a tattoo artist. He also is a great person to have a chat with, never a boring appointment. Thank you for all the beautiful work.

Steph C.



Tiffany H.


The stoke was real and Trevor made being hit with a middle a million times extremely enjoyable. The finished product was fuego too.

Ryan S.


Thanks so much, Trevor! Amazing experience. Took my simple request and, turned it into something cohesive and beautiful.. looking forward to the next.

‘Kent W.