For some, tattoos are a spur of the moment event. For others, they are a life changing decision. Whichever road you travel I'm sure you have questions. This is where you can find answer's to some of the most frequently asked questions. If the answer's you seek are not here, feel free to contact me directly.


Does it hurt?

Short answer: yep! Long answer: Not as much as people lead you to believe. Every person's pain tolerance is different but across the board the human body is very similar. Anything on the torso is more sensitive than the arms and legs. It has less to do with the proximity of bones than it does the concentration of nerve endings in a given area. In over a decade of tattooing; I’ve seen everyone from 100 lb sorority girls to 400 lb construction workers and they all sit about the same. If you come in asking ‘is this going to be the worst thing I’ve ever experienced?’ Then it just might be.. If you come with the attitude of ‘This is exciting I can’t wait’ -then you’ll probably have an okay time. Both clients feel the same, the only difference is your perception of it… So sit back, relax and enjoy the process, it might feel like a ‘cat scratch on a sunburn’ but when it’s over you get to go home with something new about you and isn't that worth a little pain?

How do I heal it?

Once at home remove the bandage and shower washing off any blood, plasma or Vaseline. Lightly dry the tattoo using a clean towel. Wear loose fitting clothes and allow the tattoo to air-dry before getting into bed(clean sheets). Around 24 hours after the tattoo session the skin should have dried and formed a barrier layer. If the tattoo is dry to the touch you can start applying a small dab of UNSCENTED LOTION a few times a day as needed. LESS IS MORE! The lotion serves to moisturize the tattoo as it builds new skin cells allowing the new fragile skin to stretch rather than crack. Do not use Vaseline or Polysporin. If you have any doubts, concerns or questions: ALWAYS ASK YOUR ARTIST FIRST! Even if your friend Katie is a tattoo artist and has great advice for you. I still care about your tattoo and have the most interest in its well being next to you…


Deposit: $100/200

Minimum: $100

Hourly rate: $200/hr

Full day: $900 Script lettering -flat rate based on above rates*

Payment: Currently accepting Cash or email transfer. Debit coming soon! *Script work I do competently at a faster speed than other tattoos due to my years of experience with typography. So any lettering-only tattoos will be charged at a flat rate based on the design size and estimated time.*


Deposits are required for ALL TATTOO APPOINTMENTS (no exceptions) All deposits are non refundable. When you pay a deposit you are booking appointment time - Not the tattoo. A deposit is deducted from the ‘final’ session of that tattoo. Meaning, if the tattoo lasts for three sessions that deposit is deducted from the third session price, not the first. The deposit covers the cost of disposable setup materials AND affords the artist some compensation in the event of a no-show or cancellation and they are unable to rebook that time. If you need to reschedule an appointment 48 hours notice is required to keep your deposit. Otherwise another deposit will be required and another appointment must be made