**Exciting Release: 'A Daily Reflection Journal' by John ’Horus’ Goodwin**

**Exciting Release: 'A Daily Reflection Journal' by John ’Horus’ Goodwin**

Hey everyone,

I'm thrilled to share something very special with you all—a passion project that's been bubbling in the background as I've navigated the worlds of graffiti, tattoo art, and every creative space in between. This week, I've launched my very own book on Amazon titled **‘A Daily Reflection Journal.’**

view it here: 

A Daily Reflection Journal: Graffiti Style



This isn't just any journal. It's a canvas for your thoughts, a sanctuary for your past, present, and future reflections. Each page is an invitation to explore not just what's been, but what's coming, allowing you space to dream, ponder, and plan. But that's not all. I wanted to infuse a bit of the spontaneous creativity that's been such a profound driver in my life. So, following your reflections, you'll find a page dedicated solely to drawing—an opportunity for freeform creativity, a moment in your day to just let your imagination roam free without borders or boundaries.

And to round it off, there's a space for notes, summarizing your day’s experiences, thoughts, or even those brilliant ideas that hit you out of the blue. It's more than a journal; it's a companion for those looking to enrich their introspective journey and unleash their creative spirit.

I designed this journal thinking of artists, dreamers, doers, and anyone in between who yearns for a tangible means to capture their creative process and personal growth.

Whether you're looking to reflect on your journey, find inspiration in the blank spaces waiting for your pen, or simply keep track of your daily experiences, **‘A Daily Reflection Journal’** is your ally.

So, why not take this journey with me? Head over to Amazon, grab your copy, and let’s start this beautiful process of reflection, creativity, and growth together.

Thank you for your continuous support and for being part of this incredible journey. Here’s to many more creative ventures to come!


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